Amazing Moment in the Mosaic 2

This week we have another amazing little moment that I found in the Mosaic. Such an amazing photo. Oh the things we can capture when having a camera in our pocket every where we go.

I wonder where this was taken. What do you all think?

Lovers in the Mosaic

Photos are just romantic keepsakes for couples young and old. Good think they have mobile phones to capture all those precious and fleeting moments on-the-go.

Here’s just a few of the couples photos in the Mosaic this week. Best of luck to all of you :)

Week 1 of the Revolution Mosaic

Exactly one week ago the Revolution Mosaic launched in the App Store, and since then, over 500 people from around the world from countries like Chile, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, France, Venezuela, and more, have uploaded over 1200 to the Mosaic so far.

We’ve gotten some random photos, blurry ones, cute ones, ones that we don’t understand, and some really beautiful ones. We look forward to receiving more and more photos, and we can’t help but wonder what the final mosaic image will be.

If you’re part of the mobile generation, download the app and upload your photos. Be sure to share this blog and website with your friends and help us make mobile photo history.

Here’s just some of our favorite photos from the very first week of the Mosaic:

From Lighters to iPhones

Remember a few years ago when everyone held up lighters at concerts? Now those lighters have become iPhones taking videos or snapping photos of the band. Whether we like it or not, our phones have become part of concert culture.

Here are the concert photos that were uploaded to the mosaic this week. Expect many more to come.

Can anyone guess the bands in the photos? One of them is the Cranberries at Sound Emporium in Toronto. I submitted that one :)

Amazing Moments in the Mosaic

I love the spontaneity of mobile photography.

“Hey Joe, are you sure you want to jump off that cliff? Okay fine, but let me get my iPhone camera ready first.”

Every week I’ll be posting an amazing and spontaneous photo that I find in the Revolution Mosaic.

Here’s this week’s amazing mobile moment:

This Weekend in the Mosaic – Family Time

The weekends are great for hanging out with family. And with all the family photos popping up on the Revolution Mosaic this past weekend, it looks like the whole world agrees. Good thing we all have our phones to snap fam photos any time and any where we want. Here’s just a few of the family photos uploaded to the mosaic this past weekend: