The Revolution Mosaic Launches Around the World

Today, the Revolution Mosaic app launched globally in the App Store. Right now, it’s about mid-afternoon in Toronto, Canada, and I’m in my cubicle staring at the countdown timer on our website The counter reads 359,494 remaining photo spaces. We started at 360,000, so not including the 200ish photos from our beta testers, it looks like the app received over 300 photos so far today. Hopefully a lot more will be uploaded before the day is done.

So while I was playing around with the app I started thinking – I think I’m looking at the world’s first crowdsourced collage of iPhone photos being submitted together in real time. I saw a photo of a little girl from Asia walking barefoot on grass, beside a photo of a winter landscape blanketed in snow, beside a photo of a woman drying her clothes on a balcony lined with purple flowers (she looks Italian and so does the architecture of the building).

I imagined a young man in Italy downloading my app in his apartment, walking over to his balcony to take unsolicited photos of his beautiful neighbor. I imagined all this happening at the exact moment I saw his photos slowly appear in the mosaic. Here were his photos:

I don’t know, it just felt a little romantic there for a second. And maybe that’s what the Revolution Mosaic is – a bunch of people from all over the world, sharing a moment and a story without words.

Ah who knows. It’s only been the first day, and to tell the truth, I don’t even know what the thing is yet. I guess I’ll find out soon, and I hope you will, too.

Download the app here.

- Ian Tuason, Creator of the Revolution Mosaic app

Revolution Mosaic hits the App Store on May 31st 2012

This year, 360,000 iPhone photos will come together to form one iconic image that will last forever in the App Store, on the Internet, and on posters around the world.

We are the first of our kind – an entire generation connected by our mobile phones – and we must leave our mark with future generations. We have to let them know where and when the mobile craze all started, which is HERE and NOW!

Revolution Mosaic Screenshot

About the app

When the revolution begins, and the app launches, it will display an empty white space at first. It will be up to mobile users like you to fill that white space with photos from your phone. When you upload a photo, it will appear as a tiny dot in the white space of your screen. Everyday, as users from around the world keep uploading photos, the number of dots will increase until a mosaic begins to form. At any time, you can pinch and zoom into the mosaic like a map, and clearly see the tiny photos that make up the larger mosaic.

Once 360,000 photos are uploaded, the mosaic will be full. And then 1 photo will be chosen from the 360,000 to be the main photo mosaic image. If you’re a part of the Revolution Mosaic, then this image could be of you.

Revolution Mosaic Camera

About the poster

Once the image is chosen and the photo mosaic is formed, it will be turned into a 48″ by 72″ mural poster that can be viewed and purchased through the app, the website, or in stores.

Here’s a sample of another photo mosaic:

Sample Mosaic

Why am I doing this?

Some photos have changed the world forever. I’m sure the photographers of all these photos had no idea how much impact they were about to make when they gently pressed the button on their camera. Here are just some of the photos that changed the world:

Tank man

I have no doubt that in future generations, many iconic images will come to change the world, and many of these images will be captured on mobile phones.

Those visionary photographers that I admire, well, they could be any one of us. We all have this powerful tool in our pockets, and it only takes a gentle tap to take a photo, to capture a moment, and to share our perspective to the world. So let’s turn that tap into a tidal wave. Let’s make that first iconic image from our generation be a collection of all our perspectives joined together.

- Ian Tuason, Creator of Revolution Mosaic